Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our thoughts shape Our Actions

This is the day your dream comes to life. Because this is the day when you can take a positive, intentional step toward it.
Today, you have the power to think and act and live as you choose. Choose to focus your thoughts on the positive possibilities and to live with real meaning and fulfillment.
It is only a convenient illusion that life seems to happen to you. In fact, the life that matters is the life that happens from you and through you.
Live this day from the perspective of authentic purpose, and nothing can keep you down. Use the grand opportunity of this moment to more fully be the beautiful, unique person you truly are.
You are alive and aware and filled with a vision of how life can be when it is at its best. Feel the rightness of your purpose and live it with everything you have.
Today, life’s abundance and limitless possibilities stretch out in every direction. Today, you can make it all into something magnificent and uniquely you.

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