Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A New Dawn!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone,
I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so sorry I haven't been regular with my posts, I've been MIA. I promise to turn a new leaf henceforth. I've had to sit back these past few weeks to reflect on what I really want my blog to be known for(what I really want to be known for)

As much as a part of me wants my blog to be popular for posting gists only, another part of me wants to be known as a motivational blogger ( a pro, if you know what i mean). I want to educate people, motivate Nigeria, and impact lives through my blog.

Based on these thoughts, I have made the following decisions:

  • I will NOT be a passive blogger.
  • I will make at least one post per day.
  • I will try not to bore you with my post*wink*

My post will vary across all subjects matter though. You'll see posts ranging from motivation to fitness, to lifestyle to self management to Human Resources Management etc.
You'll also see posts about the situation in Nigeria......... and some gbeborun too(can't do without posting that, at least once in a while). Youll be seeing lots of posts on various topics depicting my versatility and inquisitive nature.

Don't let me bore you with all of these. Let me get to work. Expect to be wowed, Get ready to learn any time you visit my blog.

Lots of love.......


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