Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Failure doesn't define an individual

I was listening to one of my favourite songs of all times on the radio  this morning "Try Again by Aaliyah (Guess you didn't know that abi?), and this got me thinking about a topic most people despair and despise........ Failure.

Failure according to Merriam Webster dictionary is defined as  "An omission of occurrence or performance" , "A state of inability to perform a normal function", "A lack of success" and finally "Falling short".

These definitions are summarised versions of what people actually think about failure.

Most of us have this 'thing' about failure. We believe that we should not be associated with failing. This  in part is a fault of ours, and in other ways, not our fault. It's not our fault because Society has played a large role in shaping our thoughts about failure. It's been drilled into us since we were kids that failing is not an option. We've seen the stigma associated with failure. What we were not told was what failure actually meant.

Failure actually does not mean 'not passing your exams once', in actuality, it means realising what you did wrong and not taking steps to correct it.

Failure doesn't mean 'not winning the champions league', in fact, it means not making any effort to qualify for the league at all.

Falling flat on your face doesnt make you a failure. Not standing up after the fall makes you one.

Let's not get discouraged about little setbacks, let's be focused, lets persevere and above all let's have a positive mindset towards failure.

You CAN!!!!!!!

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