Thursday, February 21, 2013

Atoke's letter to Banky W

Hello peeps,
I've been under the radar lately (out of the radar to be perfectly honest), and I'm very sorry about that. I really am. I know I promised to write more often, but I haven't kept to my promise (mainly due to laziness).

Ok! Enough of the deviation. I was browsing through some blogs today, and I stumbled upon a piece that made laugh real hard. I mean I haven't laughed this much in a while. It's a piece written by Atoke of Bella Naija, and it's titled: " Banky W, Would you be my lover, yes/no"? I must say, I really enjoyed the article after getting over the initial shock of someone tripping for my only crush in the Nigerian music industry......*covers face, now i've finally spilled the beans*
I'm a full time Banky W fan, I mean he can do no wrong in my opinion(laughs). I so much rep his music, well........... apart from Ebutte Metta, I practically know and love all his songs, well I think I did until I read Atoke's article. Ok let's go back to the article.

This article is in the format of a letter starting with Dear Banky W. In this write-up/letter, Atoke lists 10 convincing reasons(at least she thinks it's convincing) why Banky W should say yes to her. I'll list the reasons I like below:

1. I am a good cook: She claims to be a good cook *well, we don't know how true that is anyways* we can only take her word for it.
3. I do not care about the size of your head> Atoke, like seriously, who cares about the size of his head? rolls my eyes.
5. I love your surname: Now, this is one reason that got me really tripping, Yeah, we all love Banky's surname. I mean who wouldn't like a surname like Wellington?
6. I would love you and your side-burns: I must say I was really ashamed of myself at this. As much of a Banky fan as I say I am, I've never really noticed the side burns, not that I'm complaining anyways.
8. I love your voice: Now who doesn't love Banky W's voice? It's like stating the obvious. We all love his voice, at least I know I do.
10.I have taken time out to point out 9 reasons above: Now this to me, was a befitting end to the letter. Let me give you my interpretation of the statement: It means, even if you don't want to believe all th 9 points listed above, you should at least respect and appreciate the fact that I took time to list 9 facts why you should be my lover.

She also stated that she knows all his songs, and has his albums. I must say that after reading this reason, I had to cover my eyes in shame, because as much as I claim to luv Banky W, I'm not sure I know all of his songs( shame on me , you say?) Yeah I know............

At the end of the letter, she requested that Banky W should let her know his reply, though he is yet to do that. At least I haven't seen any comment from him.
I must say, I was really impressed with this piece by Atoke. I have to admit that it's sort of different from what I see around, even though I was initially mad at her for having the audacity to write such a daring letter to my crush. I've gotten over the annoyance now, though I'm still quite irritated with her. Why would she write a letterto Banky W, why not to Lynxx or to D'banj or someone else? I want to use this medium to say Thank you Atoke for making me laugh, and for pushing me out of my rut to write again.

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