Monday, April 4, 2016


Have you ever reflected on the happenings in your day, and thought of turning back time, so you could change a particular moment, situation, conversation or behaviour?

I know this happens to me almost all the time, as I sometimes don't know when to keep quiet. I review my day, and think of a certain event that occurred, and I end up chastising myself, like: "Lola why didn't you reply Mr X in this way" or "babes you shouldn't have reacted the way you did, when Bee said what she said"

I end up feeling really bad about some of my actions, and then decide to not react to those things again. Now I'm an 'all or nothing' kind of girl. It's either I go all out, or I don't go at all. Once I decide not to say act in a particular way again, I try 200% not to. Infact, I move away from anyone/ anything that seems like temptation to me. Let me give an instance where I was once trying to have a discussion with my colleague and friend, so I pulled him away from the crowd, and the guy said: "Kilo de t'on se fa mi? Se o fe naa mi ni?" In English, this means: Why are you pulling my hands, do you want to beat me ni? I was soooo dumbfounded, that I just quietly told him what I wanted to tell him, turned my back on him...................................Like I literally turned my back on him, the guy didn't know what hit him. He just realised that I stopped being friendly, and trust the extremist in me, I decided to milk the situation for all it was worth (mischievous grin).

So after my daily reviews, I almost always identify areas where I need to improve on,(my sharp mouth especially..... if you are close to me you'll know this) and I tell myself that I will improve, honestly I do, but.................................................... Gosh, it can be quite difficult, especially if you are like me, and your mouth is your major weapon.

I can honestly say that this daily reviews have helped especially because I don't like feeling foolish or guilty for acting in a particular way, and because it helps me avoid such awkward situations in future, though it sometimes feels like I have an affinity for awkward situations.

So tell me, have you ever felt like turning back the hands of time? Does this happen often, or as one-off situations?

Let me hear from you.


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