Saturday, April 23, 2016

Losing Dear Friends

Have you ever lost someone who used to be very close to you? Someone whom you think you couldn't live without? Now when I say lose, I don't mean losing the person to death, I mean losing the person to other forces such as ego, anger, childishness/immaturity, etc

This happened to me a while back, I had this friend I was very cool with. Very cool o. She was one of the very few friends that I used to hangout with. You know you have friends that you don't talk to everyday, but on days you do, you flow like there was never a break in communication between you. She was that kind of friend. Losing such friends hurt especially when you don't know what really went wrong.....

She was one of those in whom you could relay your deepest fears, She was one of those you could be goofy with, but hey .......... life happened.

Till this day, I still wonder what went wrong............. 

Maybe I didn't reach out as I should have (I know, I'm terrible at following up with friends, my good friends know that and take me as I am *covers face*)

Maybe I shouldn't have ignored the warning signs......

Maybe I was just being heady...........

Maybe, just maybe..........................................the friendship wasn't meant to be.

I keep thinking about this, but I have no answers yet. Maybe someday, the answers will come, but in the meantime, I'll just focus on being me, developing myself, being more caring, less impatient and enjoying life to the fullest..

So tell me, have you lost a friend before (not to death o)?
What happened?
How did you cope?
I'd love to hear from you.
Till next time...
Peace and love



  1. I haven't (don't think so). However, I'd say that since you know the problem, can the solution be easily reached? Seems like you still cherish the friendship somehow, will you reach out? And make it work again? I would. 😊

    1. Thanks for your comment sis. I am not totally sure I know what caused the rift, but I think I have an idea. I will try to reach out, difficult though it seems...........

  2. Well yes I have lost some friends along the way. Some simply chose to be proud and some we just drifted apart with time. I once spoke to a friend about this and his response was '20 kids can't play/be together for 20yrs'. Friendship = we gain some, some stay, and some go. The true ones, real true ones stay. Lovely write up

  3. Me every day. I've lost more friends in recent times that I have gained. You know me Lola, Laru the bubbler. Now I'm a shadow of that person, and lost friends in the process.