Saturday, April 2, 2016

My sub-conscious mind: Good or Bad?

Have you ever watched a movie or read a novel, and your subconscious mind twists the plot later on?
It happens to me practically all the time especially because I have an over-active imagination.. My subconscious mind practically puts me in the movie/ novel, and I change the plot to suit myself............ all in my sub consciousness.

Since I know that I have this particular characteristic, I tend not to read nor watch certain types of novels/movies. I absolutely DO NOT watch horror movies, neither do I read thrillers or hard core fiction.
It so happened that I was ill a few days back, and I had to stay off work for a couple of days. Now I am a very hyper-active person, so if I find myself stuck without work, I get bored............ almost to death. So here I am, weak, just recovering, and bored. To cure my boredom, I decided to watch a movie................................................................................................................... Now I don't watch movies unless I am absolutely jobless or bored, the way I was on this particular day, so I set out in search of an interesting movie to watch. After a few minutes,I came across the Harry Potter Series on my brother's laptop, so I decided against my better judgement to watch all the movies, from HP and the Philosopher's stone, to HP and the deathly hallows. Fantastic you'd say? NO!!!! It happened to be one of the greatest mistakes I'll make this year.

The movie was absolutely fantabulous if I say so myself. I recognised almost everyone from the book and I must say that my imagination of how quidditch should be played, was spot on, although a bit to the extreme( I know, my imagination works overtime).
I'm sure you'll be asking yourselves what the issues I had with the movie was? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

 It was veryyyy interesting, until the flashes gave me a headache the size of China, and I became an older version of Hermione in my dreams ( I had to be Hermione, cos I'm smart like that *tongue out*). So I slept after watching HP 1 and 2, and all of a sudden, I became Hermione and I was on an adventure with Harry and Ron. I had such a restless sleep that I woke up worse off than before I slept.
Here I am, just recovering from malaria, and I was trying to uncover the secrets behind the Philosopher's stone with Harry and Ron.................... Needless to say, I felt battered and bruised when I woke up, especially after I fought off 'You Know Who' in one episode. (laughs)

Alright, enough of my ramblings. Let me know, does this happen to you also, or am I a weirdo? Am I the only one whose subconscious mind twists a plot to suit her?
Your comments and feedback are welcome!!!!


  1. I can so relate dear!!! However Lets look at the bright side...the crazier the imagination, the more creative the writer!!!

  2. Wow, such an imaginative write up. We'll, if it makes you feel better you not the only one. "Just stay away from horror films" that's what I tell myself.