Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mr Know It All

I know a loquacious big man

As loud as Mars

Who has a need to be heard whatever it takes

He always has something to say in every conversation

And likes to be the champion..................................

He has a story for everyone, be it false or true

He likes to be in peoples' faces, and I'm sure we all agree

That even though we laugh with him, we have a name for him

The one who likes to talk is known as Mr Know It All.................................

We all have that friend or colleague who fits the above description perfectly. They want to contribute to every conversation, and are not good at listening. They always have a story to tell.

They just love being the center of attraction. In fact they get upset if they make suggestions, and their suggestions are ignored ( who suggestion don epp?)

 They like to tell big stories about every situation,,and seems to know everybody (they also know some fictitious people). I know about this because I know a Mr-Know-It-All *****drum roll***

Yes I do............. and I must say he can be very annoying. He has a need to talk, that at times I think he likes to hear his voice ( If you've met a know-it-all before, you'll understand me). I absolutely dread going to meetings with him in attendance, because a 15 minute meeting will end up being 1 hour.

The only saving grace is that he's practically one of the nicest persons I've met in my whole life. the only but is his "Know-it-all" attitude.

P.S: If you do not know anyone, it means that YOU are the Know-It-All (mischievous grins)

So tell me, do you know any Mr or Miss Know-it-all?

How do you cope with them?

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Till my next post.

Peace and Love


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